New app for gluten free restaurants in Philadelphia area!

New app for gluten free restaurants in the Philadelphia area!

How great is this?

Gluten Free Philly blogger, Michael Savett, developed an app to help you find restaurants offering gluten free items in this area!

If you want to purchase the app (available for the iPhone and Android), just click in the upper left hand column….here is the link!

Happy Mother’s Day! I just love my mom!

Daria (daughter) writes:

Because I work in an industry that I must work every holiday, I have adapted over the years to celebrate holidays when I can be off work to get home to my family. My family is just wonderful in helping me with this by planning picnics, birthday celebrations, & anything else life has to offer, around my not-so-normal schedule! Lol=)

I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day a few days early this year. I was a little sad that my sister also couldn’t make it home, but she’s off studying bones & collecting data for her dissertation, which is a whole other story in itself!! =)

While I had decided to make dinner with my mom when I got home, I wanted to bring a special dessert to celebrate. So I made Derby Pie, a gluten-free chocolate chip delight (recipe will follow on another post soon).

When dessert time arrived,  I whipped up some homemade cream and threw in some mini chocolate chips for good measure! It was a big hit!



Meanwhile, trying to get my life on track to further my career, I’ve been on the go non-stop! I needed some time to myself to just clear my head & what’s better way than to jam out to La Bouche Radio on Pandora=) Listening to this brings back such amazing memories of flipping in gymnastics when I was young & it has the best beats to keep me energized & happy=)

I took home the sewing machine that my mom & I purchased together and two years later, I FINALLY took it out of the box & was determined to try to make something for my my mama, Monica, for Mother’s Day! I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, so of course I pinned something a really long time ago & wanted to take it on a test run!

With a lot of determination and some sewing inspiration from my grandmother, I made these two beautiful infinity scarves for us! They both have the same lace material which has a light green coloring on the edges of the leaves and the rest is white. On the other side, I made my mom’s with a beautiful blush pink and mine, with a light chrome gray color. On my own scarf, I decided to add two little flowers made from the pink fabric to tie myself in with her’s!=)

She absolutely loved the scarf & couldn’t believe that I actually made it!! It was so beautiful seeing her face while opening it up! It warmed my heart!

Mother's day2


Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in the world! I hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones & get to relax… all deserve this day=)

© 2014, Daria of glutenfreedoubletalk

Daria meets the Lagasse girls!

Daria (daughter) says:

Enjoying another beautiful day! While on my way to work, I called my mom, like always, to check in and see how her day was going=) We were, of course, discussing what to do next for our blog & chatting about how much fun this is going to be!!

Work was pretty hectic since we switched to a spring menu & are starting to order our ingredients to be able to prep for Mother’s Day next week. I received an AMAZING text from my mom while taking a quick break! It read:

text message2


Pretty speechless…that was about all I could get/type out! Lol

I had the biggest smile on my face for the remainder of the night! I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my husband! (At least try to wait up for him when he got home in the wee hours of the morning from his job=/ )

When I was in 7th grade, I had BEGGED my parents to come pick me up from school early one day to be able to go to our local Barnes & Noble to a book signing where Chef Emeril Lagasse would be! We had waited in line for 5 1/2 hours to meet him for just a moment to sign my cookbook….one of the best moments of my life thus far at that point!

Now, at 26 years old, how amazing it was to be able to meet his two gorgeous daughters in person at the Gluten-Free Living Conference & talk to them just like any other friends! They were so amazing & got to take the time to spend a few hours at a book signing the day after they gave their presentation together. Of course, I had to buy their book & stood in line to get their signatures to add to my cookbook collection=) This time around, I only waited a very short time in line! Lol =) They had such great advice & were inquisitive about our personal journey with gluten-free life & wished us luck along our way! It made us feel so wonderful=)


I know my mom & I will continue to work hard to keep this going! We greatly appreciate all the help from fellow bloggers & presenters we met at the Gluten-Free Living Conference!

You all inspire us every day to help others to be able to enjoy eating despite being gluten-free. We hope to be able to make a difference like you all have for us=)

Have a wonderful day, always ❤

© 2014, Daria of glutenfreedoubletalk

We Graduated!

Earlier this month, we took the opportunity to attend Gluten-Free Living’s First Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. This three-day event allowed us to attend workshops and seminars, as well as meet the most AMAZING people in the gluten free community!

As day-long attendees of Blogger University, we learned from the best! Presenters shared their expertise on domains, news updating, photo editing, and social media (to mention a few).  Here we are, complete novices… ready to take the plunge!

Two happy girls with our Blogger U. diplomas! Yippee!!



© 2014, Monica & Daria of glutenfreedoubletalk