Happy Mother’s Day! I just love my mom!

Daria (daughter) writes:

Because I work in an industry that I must work every holiday, I have adapted over the years to celebrate holidays when I can be off work to get home to my family. My family is just wonderful in helping me with this by planning picnics, birthday celebrations, & anything else life has to offer, around my not-so-normal schedule! Lol=)

I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day a few days early this year. I was a little sad that my sister also couldn’t make it home, but she’s off studying bones & collecting data for her dissertation, which is a whole other story in itself!! =)

While I had decided to make dinner with my mom when I got home, I wanted to bring a special dessert to celebrate. So I made Derby Pie, a gluten-free chocolate chip delight (recipe will follow on another post soon).

When dessert time arrived,  I whipped up some homemade cream and threw in some mini chocolate chips for good measure! It was a big hit!



Meanwhile, trying to get my life on track to further my career, I’ve been on the go non-stop! I needed some time to myself to just clear my head & what’s better way than to jam out to La Bouche Radio on Pandora=) Listening to this brings back such amazing memories of flipping in gymnastics when I was young & it has the best beats to keep me energized & happy=)

I took home the sewing machine that my mom & I purchased together and two years later, I FINALLY took it out of the box & was determined to try to make something for my my mama, Monica, for Mother’s Day! I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, so of course I pinned something a really long time ago & wanted to take it on a test run!

With a lot of determination and some sewing inspiration from my grandmother, I made these two beautiful infinity scarves for us! They both have the same lace material which has a light green coloring on the edges of the leaves and the rest is white. On the other side, I made my mom’s with a beautiful blush pink and mine, with a light chrome gray color. On my own scarf, I decided to add two little flowers made from the pink fabric to tie myself in with her’s!=)

She absolutely loved the scarf & couldn’t believe that I actually made it!! It was so beautiful seeing her face while opening it up! It warmed my heart!

Mother's day2


Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in the world! I hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones & get to relax…..you all deserve this day=)

© 2014, Daria of glutenfreedoubletalk

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