About Us

We are a mother-daughter duo who has been gluten free since 2002 after being diagnosed with celiac disease.  Monica (mom) was undiagnosed most of her life, while Daria (daughter) was diagnosed at age 15; each of us brings a unique perspective on gluten free living.

Monica is a retired school librarian who likes to stay on top of the latest gluten free trends.

Daria is a 2007 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, worked at The Hotel Hershey, and presently is teaching pastry arts classes at YTI (York Technical Institute) and has just launched a gluten-free baking business called Batter. A gluten-free baking company, LLC. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram (@battergf).

We hope to share our tips on gluten free living, hosting and attending family gatherings/parties, and recipes for novice and experienced cooks & bakers!

Come along and join the fun!!


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10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love this dual perspective, and I can’t wait to keep following your journey. I’m the only celiac in my family. (Don’t worry, they’ve all been tested). However, my mom is my biggest support, so I’ll have to send this blog her way!


  2. Hi Daria.
    Our daughter has celiac and we are visiting hotel hershey this weekend for the first time since she was diagnosed. Any recommendations on best/safest place to eat? Do you make any gluten free pastries?


    • Hi David! So happy that you will be visiting the Hotel Hershey! Unfortunately, I will not be there this weekend. Your safest/best place to eat on the property is “Harvest,” the restaurant behind the main hotel. Just be sure to tell your server about your daughter’s dietary needs. Our dessert menu at Harvest (which is where I work) has several GF items and they are marked on the menu. Please have a great time and enjoy! Daria 🙂


  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!
    When is your COOKBOOK coming out? Reserve me a copy, please! I have found that becoming totally gluten free is the only way I can continue living with my body and food. Just finished cornmeal waffles which were crunchy, brown and delicious. The original recipe, found on the Internet, was vegan and GF ; I added eggs and removed some of the liquid which made the recipe successful for me. I had tried cornmeal pancakes last weekend which came out delicious, but waffles really stole my heart today!
    Deb Anderson


    • Hi Deb!

      So happy to hear from you! And happy that you are doing well on a gluten-free diet! We haven’t gotten around to discussing a cookbook yet, but you will be one of the first to know!

      Glad you are along for the ride! Thanks for following us and letting us share our “wisdom” with you!

      Monica 🙂


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