Italy’s answer to hors d’oeuvres!

Monica (mom) says:

What can whet a gathering’s appetite with just its looks?

The Italian antipasto!


“Antipasto” comes from the Latin root “anti” meaning before and “pastus” meaning meal. It really is the perfect start to any meal!

Oh, this lovely salad provides an appealing mixture of textures, tastes, and especially color! It invites guests to relax and indulge for a moment or two before the main course. And since it’s mainly veggies and proteins, it’s naturally gluten-free!

Since we were going to a cookout to celebrate Memorial Day at my sister’s new home, I decided to make an antipasto with a slightly different take.

I upped the nutrition for the greens by using baby kale, baby spinach, and baby chard as the base. Then, I chopped organic carrots, and celery. Everyone is our family is addicted to black olives, so I chopped one can of these, too. Of course you need some fresh mozzarella to add the cheese component and since the family also loves pepperoni, I chopped one stick of that, too (not my personal favorite, but majority rules, right?). Last, but not least, baby red tomatoes were added!

I brought along a bowl of cannellini beans, too, for anyone who wanted some extra protein.  A balsamic vinaigrette topped it all off!


Antipasto…’s all in the presentation!


© 2014, Monica of glutenfreedoubletalk

3 thoughts on “Italy’s answer to hors d’oeuvres!

  1. Looks delicious! A few years ago I was on a kick of fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and olive oil-then I would throw some pepperoni, or ham, or artichoke hearts to “beef” it up. I’ll have to try your salad soon.


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